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HOW DO I KNOW WHAT I NEED TO GET STARTED? We can put together a beginner package for you. We also offer quantity discounts on harnesses, collars and booties. Just ask. 

HOW DO I FIGURE OUT SIZING FOR YOUR HARNESSES? View the video on the home page or e-mail us for a measuring chart.  It is also on our website under "Measuring Instructions."
WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF HARNESSES YOU MAKE AND SELL? We make the ZIMA x-back harness, the standard in the industry.  Our company bought the ZIMA x-back company over 40 years.  Our harnesses are often duplicated but never copied. They are the original x-back harness in the world.

Our harnesses come in fleece padded and foam padded, regular or extra padding (for fleece). Foam padded come standard with extra padded (around the neck, down the chest and past the front legs for padding).   We also make fleece and foam padded multi-sport harnesses which are great for skijoring, canicross, bikejoring, scootering or just walking your dog. 

WHAT TYPE OF SLED DO I NEED? We will ask you about the size of your team, your trail conditions, whether you will be racing or recreational and we will help you assess what will work best for you. 

HOW LONG WILL I HAVE TO WAIT FOR A SLED? We work from a list that is first-come, first-serve. We move down the sled making list fairly quickly but we always recommend getting on the list early in the season. We do make sleds and equipment year-round so don't wait until the last minute to order a sled.  We do need time to build each sled to your specifications.  Each sled has fine craftsmanship and made to last.

WHAT IF I WANT TO ORDER A PRODUCT I DON'T SEE ON YOUR WEBSITE? We can usually locate a source or figure out how to make something that is for a special use. If it is missing from our website, we will add it. 

WHAT IF I ORDERED THE WRONG STANDARD SIZE HARNESS FOR MY DOGS, CAN I EXCHANGE IT? Yes, you may as long as it is NOT a custom size or color harness. Just keep it clean (clean the hair off of the harness), place it in a bag or box and return it to us with a request to exchange it for a bigger size (or smaller). We will bill your credit card exact shipping to send a different size to you.