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Shipping & Returns

Shipping:  We charge as close to exact shipping as possible.  Sometimes larger, heavier items will cost more to ship or overseas orders than what comes up on the order.  We may have to add more shipping to cover larger items or heavier items especially overseas or to Canada.  

All sleds will have a separate shipping charge which will be added to the order by phone.  We can get a quote for you.  If you have ordered an item that doesn't have a shipping charge attached (like sleds), it means we will contact our shipping sources for a shipping quote (for sleds, runners and larger items).  This is the best way to get an accurate shipping quote for items too big for priority mail shipping.  The amount that comes up on the web order for shipping sleds will be deducted from what the exact charge will be after we get a shipping quote.  It is impossible to get an accurate shipping charge on sleds until we see what equipment you need, where it is going and how it can be broken down for cheaper shipping (or whether it can be).  

Returns:  If you order a standard size or color harness (xxs-xxxl) and it doesn't fit your dog, please take pictures or remeasure your dog (neck, length, weight) to get accurate measurements or e-mail us that it doesn't fit.  We are happy to help you get the proper size as quickly as possible.  We ask that you contact us so the next harness fits better, then place the harness in a small box or envelope and mail it back with return postage.  We are happy to exchange a standard size for a standard size with return shipping but if we must make a custom, there is an additional charge to make a custom size harness.   Getting good measurements is key to getting a properly fitting harness for your dog and we have been doing this for over 40  years.  Most times, we can tell by the weight whether the harness will fit but good measurements are always best.  We love serving you and getting you and your dog(s) outside and running.

Custom Harnesses:  If we make a custom size harness using your measurements and it doesn't fit, please don't ask us to exchange it for another custom size harness.  We make every effort work with measurements given us and will e-mail or call you if they don't seem quite right.  Every dog is unique and making custom sizes is tricky but we do aim to please and that's why we may ask you to remeasure.  The most important thing to us is that when you get the harness, it FITS your dog!