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  • full circle collars in lots of colors
    $5.50 Choose Options Full Circle Collars
    Forms a complete circle with a double slider for adjustment. Cinch down and it stays until you need to adjust it later. Recommended for active dogs on chains or towlines. We use 1" webbing and a 1 1/2" ring which makes the...

  • Leash--6' nylon webbing
    $10.50 Choose Options Leash--6' nylon webbing
    6' webbing leash with bronze snap, 2,000 pound test.6' nylon webbing leash with bronze snap, 2,000 pound test. Comes in red, blue, black, orange or purple.

  • $14.00 Choose Options Leash--6' Reflective
    6' reflective rope leash, great for night walks, red, blue, black or yellow.6' reflective poly rope leash, great for night walks, red, blue, black or yellow. Be visible comes with a 5/8" bronze snap.

  • Leash-6' Bungee
    $16.00 Choose Options Leash-6' Bungee
    6' bungee leash, comes in red, blue, black, purple neon green or orange poly rope with an internal bungee and a 5/8" bronze snap. Great for walking a sled dog that pulls.

  • Limited Slip Collars (Semi-Slip Collars)
    $5.50 Choose Options Limited Slip Collars (Semi-Slip Collars)
    Limited slip dog collars (semi-slip dog collars)are the same materials with limited slip so collar can be worn more loosely for house dogs or dogs in runs. Collar will tighten up to a limit without being a choke collar and...

  • semi-slip (limited slip) fully padded collars
    $7.50 Choose Options Padded Dog Collars
    Padded collars. The only fully padded collar around. Same adjustable full circle collar with polar fleece padding completely around the collar to protect against collar rub and stays in place, too! Works great. Available in...